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Transcript for Parents of toddlers in ‘racist baby’ Trump video are speaking out

The distance in which they ran regularly clothes. And my friend my friend. But. It’s just getting back. Us it wasn’t really a new beginning about race. You know we know and axles in opening in. That wasn’t necessarily. Widely thought she was skewed because there are books. World leaders in 20:19 and now this morning it is clinics colony. The president was also flagged again by Twitter overnight proposed a tweet with manipulated video. Art that is races dating. That would be. An Dana. Oh nearly you know injury. This you know showing that high. Yeah and went outside. Obama and Clinton letter which I was able to get it marked as manipulated within hours. We’re. You know we Trump’s letter not just act manipulated and government based lit yet at our agency and seventy million people. And Larry and the video shared by the president appears to be from me known neem meeker who tweets misleading edited videos. On the bubble are not I don’t know what where we’re all in this thing together. Her literally stealing his video went out and send. While our clients and and utilizing an. Advertisement or the trade contrary new York law. Can’t do that. That’s where we’re. The White House says come on anybody does know that was satire. A satire of CNN. Is clueless the president is making a satirical point that was quite funny if you go and actually watch the video. I think he was making history. Two top units making it sits here that the point is is the plan CNN repeatedly taking the president had a contact. His press secretaries had said it was a joke satire and then. Pretty sure she’s out she and her child. An entity many people actually use and a video especially without your permission. Or in the middle drafting a lawsuit against all the talk Iran and president trump individual or suing him. Doing something as the united state eased some guy who have to do this. We are in this work was not just for a special an ambulance and you know black why. End here charge you enough peace is just unacceptable. But fortunately even in the situation and we’re gonna charge you work and the best situation but I don’t our children about Frederick.

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{“duration”:”3:22″,”description”:”The parents whose viral video of their toddler’s hugging was co-opted by President Trump are investigating all legal options in regards to the unauthorized video.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/GMA”,”id”:”71521150″,”title”:”Parents of toddlers in ‘racist baby’ Trump video are speaking out “,”url”:”/GMA/Family/video/parents-toddlers-racist-baby-trump-video-speaking-71521150″}

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