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Transcript for Thousands of Iranians pouring into the streets

Next to Iran finally admitting they blew the passenger jet from the sky. The Ukrainian jet backed with 176 civilians, killing everyone on board. They say they, quote, regret the mistake. Protests growing in Iran over the accident. Even calling on the ayatollah to step down. The latest from Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight, thousands of Iranians pouring into the streets, angry, shouting, rouhani, shame on you. Even calling for the ayatollah’s removal. After the Iranian government finally admitted it accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet, after days of denial. Iran’s military says the Boeing 737 was misidentified as a cruise missile flying over Tehran. The plane was clear to take off less than four hours after Iran launched 20 missiles on bases used by U.S. Troops in Iraq. The missiles launched to avenge the death of Iran’s top military commander qassem soleimani. All 176 people on the plane, including Iranians and Canadians, were killed. Iran must take full responsibility. Canada will not rest until we get the accountability, justice and closure. Reporter: Iran’s foreign minister apologized for the deadly crash but also blamed the U.S., tweeting, human error at time of crisis caused by U.S. Adventurism led to disaster. On the night of the tragedy, U.S. Intelligence captured radar signals from the Iranians, which targeted the jetliner. A satellite saw two missiles fire. At least one exploded into pieces near the jet. Ukraine’s president posting these photos of what he said is shrapnel damage on the plane. Among the questions, why Ukraine’s airline was not warned of the dangers and why the airspace was left open. This is one of the issues that we certainly need better answers to. Stephanie Ramos joins us life on set. The president tweeting moments ago about the accident and putting even more pressure on Iran. He is, the president tweeting a few moments ago that the government of Iran should allow human rights groups to monitor and report back from the ground on the ongoing protests by the Iranian people. There can not be another massacre of peaceful protesters nor another internet shutdown. The world is watching. The president responding to the calls for accountability.

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{“duration”:”2:38″,”description”:”After days of denial, the Iranian government admitted it shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/WNT”,”id”:”68220520″,”title”:”Thousands of Iranians pouring into the streets”,”url”:”/WNT/video/thousands-iranians-pouring-streets-68220520″}

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U.S. hospitals brace for ‘tremendous strain’ from new virus | PBS …

U.S. hospitals brace for ‘tremendous strain’ from new virus | PBS …

U.S. hospitals are setting up circus-like triage tents, calling doctors out of retirement, guarding their supplies of face masks and making plans to cancel elective surgery as they brace for an expected onslaught of coronavirus patients.

Depending on how bad the crisis gets, the sick could find themselves waiting on stretchers in emergency room hallways for hospital beds to open up, or could be required to share rooms with others infected. Some doctors fear hospitals could become so overwhelmed that they could be forced to ration medical care.

“This is going to be a fairly tremendous strain on our health system,” warned Dr. William Jaquis, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The United States is still facing an active flu season, and many hospitals are already running at capacity caring for those patients. The new virus will only add to that burden, said Dr. Bruce Ribner an infectious-disease specialist at Emory University’s medical school.

READ MORE: Your guide to understanding COVID-19

Government health authorities are taking emergency steps to waive certain laws and regulations to help hospitals deal with the crisis. Hospitals, too, are getting ready.

To keep suspected coronavirus patients from mingling with others in the ER, the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine, set up a tent in the parking lot where people with respiratory symptoms are diverted for testing. Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, South Carolina, did the same outside its emergency room.

In Seattle, hit by the nation’s biggest cluster of coronavirus deaths, most of them at a suburban nursing home, UW Medicine set up drive-thru testing in a hospital parking garage and has screened hundreds of staff members, faculty and trainees, with nurses reaching through car windows and using swabs to collect specimens from people’s nostrils . Drive-thru testing is expected to be offered to patients as soon as Monday.

At Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Michigan, Robert Davidson, an emergency medicine doctor, said hip and knee replacement surgery and other operations that aren’t emergencies will be postponed if a coronavirus case is diagnosed in the area. Authorities in New York state and Illinois are talking about doing the same.

If an outbreak hits, “things that don’t need to be done right now won’t be done right now,” said Dr. Raj Govindaiah, chief medical officer for Memorial Health System, which runs hospitals in Springfield, Lincoln, Decatur, Jacksonville and Taylorville, Illinois.

Govindaiah said the hospitals are also hiding the freebie surgical masks usually offered to visitors in the lobby, so that doctors and nurses can use them instead if supplies run tight. At Blue Ridge Regional Hospital in the small mountain community of Spruce Pine, North Carolina, respirator masks are locked and under video surveillance.

“We’ve really got to … expect that this is going to be bad,” said Blue Ridge Regional’s Dr. Dr. Gabriel Cade. “The situation in Italy is a huge eye-opener.”

In New York state, hit by the largest U.S. cluster of cases, the Health Department is accelerating regulations to get nursing students certified to work more quickly and is asking retired doctors and nurses to offer their services, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

This week, the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association and American Nurses Association asked for a presidential emergency declaration that would allow doctors and nurses to work across state lines and would waive certain rules to free up hospital beds. Similar declarations were issued during Hurricane Katrina and the swine flu outbreak.

On Friday, President Donald Trump responded by issuing an emergency declaration and said he was giving the U.S. health secretary authority to waive federal regulations and laws to give doctors and hospitals “flexibility” in treating patients.

Trump also announced a government partnership with major businesses to set up drive-thru testing centers and a website to help people who think they might have the virus. Those testing locations could include parking lots at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and other major chains.

The American Medical Association praised the action. In a statement, Dr. Patrice Harris, AMA’s president, said the emergency declaration is needed to help ensure that the U.S. health care system “has sufficient resources to properly respond to the ongoing outbreak, prevent further spread of illness and keep our communities safe.”

How bad U.S. hospitals will be hit is unclear, in part because mistakes on the part of the government in ramping up widespread testing for the virus have left public health officials uncertain as to how many people are infected.

READ MORE: 4 tips for seniors to stay connected during coronavirus outbreak

Officially, the number of cases in the U.S. was put at around 1,300 Friday, with at least 41 deaths. But by some estimates, at least 14,000 people might be infected.

Experts fear that when the problems with testing are resolved, a flood of patients will hit the nation’s emergency rooms. But large-scale testing will also give health authorities a clearer picture of the outbreak, enabling them to allocate resources where they are needed.

“What’s most important now is that we get the testing done,” said Richard Pollack, president of the American Hospital Association.

In hard-hit Italy, doctors have been forced to make agonizing decisions about which critically ill patients receive care. Doctors fear that could happen in the United States, too.

“Studies predict that a moderate outbreak could result in 200,000 patients needing intensive care,” said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency medicine specialist at George Washington University. “The U.S. only has 100,000 intensive care beds, and most are already occupied. If tens of thousands become sick at once, people will simply not receive the care that they need.”

That would affect not only coronavirus patients but also trauma victims and people suffering heart attacks or strokes, Wen said.

In Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated in late December, patients died because they couldn’t access care. “We are at risk of that happening in the U.S., too,” Wen said.

Seattle-area scientists are working to estimate how soon infections will overwhelm hospital beds there. Under the worst-case scenario, the number of active infections will exceed the number of beds by a large margin in the next two weeks, the Institute for Disease Modeling in Bellevue, Washington, said in a report this week.

For most people, the virus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. Most people recover from the virus in a matter of weeks, as has happened in mainland China.

Reacting to reports of dwindling supplies of respirator masks, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted relaxed recommendations this week for protective gear and said looser-fitting surgical masks are OK for doctors and nurses to wear when treating patients who may be sick from the coronavirus.

In another change, the CDC said coronavirus patients can be cared for in single-patient rooms with the door closed and do not need to be placed in specialized airborne-infection isolation rooms.

AP reporters Mary Esch and David Sharp, and Medical Writers Carla K. Johnson and Mike Stobbe contributed.

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U.S. hospitals brace for ‘tremendous strain’ from new virus | PBS …

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U.S. hospitals brace for ‘tremendous strain’ from new virus | PBS …

Parents of toddlers in ‘racist baby’ Trump video are speaking out …

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Transcript for Parents of toddlers in ‘racist baby’ Trump video are speaking out

The distance in which they ran regularly clothes. And my friend my friend. But. It’s just getting back. Us it wasn’t really a new beginning about race. You know we know and axles in opening in. That wasn’t necessarily. Widely thought she was skewed because there are books. World leaders in 20:19 and now this morning it is clinics colony. The president was also flagged again by Twitter overnight proposed a tweet with manipulated video. Art that is races dating. That would be. An Dana. Oh nearly you know injury. This you know showing that high. Yeah and went outside. Obama and Clinton letter which I was able to get it marked as manipulated within hours. We’re. You know we Trump’s letter not just act manipulated and government based lit yet at our agency and seventy million people. And Larry and the video shared by the president appears to be from me known neem meeker who tweets misleading edited videos. On the bubble are not I don’t know what where we’re all in this thing together. Her literally stealing his video went out and send. While our clients and and utilizing an. Advertisement or the trade contrary new York law. Can’t do that. That’s where we’re. The White House says come on anybody does know that was satire. A satire of CNN. Is clueless the president is making a satirical point that was quite funny if you go and actually watch the video. I think he was making history. Two top units making it sits here that the point is is the plan CNN repeatedly taking the president had a contact. His press secretaries had said it was a joke satire and then. Pretty sure she’s out she and her child. An entity many people actually use and a video especially without your permission. Or in the middle drafting a lawsuit against all the talk Iran and president trump individual or suing him. Doing something as the united state eased some guy who have to do this. We are in this work was not just for a special an ambulance and you know black why. End here charge you enough peace is just unacceptable. But fortunately even in the situation and we’re gonna charge you work and the best situation but I don’t our children about Frederick.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{“duration”:”3:22″,”description”:”The parents whose viral video of their toddler’s hugging was co-opted by President Trump are investigating all legal options in regards to the unauthorized video.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/GMA”,”id”:”71521150″,”title”:”Parents of toddlers in ‘racist baby’ Trump video are speaking out “,”url”:”/GMA/Family/video/parents-toddlers-racist-baby-trump-video-speaking-71521150″}

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