Tiffany Young Reveals Her Love For ITZY And How They’re Connected

Since Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young has been focusing on her own solo promotions and touring, an interviewer asked her if she still manages to listen to other K-Pop artists.

After naming two she’d been listening to, one of them being Zico, she selected ITZY as well. In the process, she revealed how they have a connection with each other.

After naming some K-Pop songs she’s been listening to, Tiffany instantly thought of two more, “Wait. But, I also really loved ITZY’s ‘DALLA DALLA’ and ‘ICY’.” She then explained why she’d been drawn to ITZY specifically.

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Tiffany revealed, “We have a mutual friend who’s the choreographer.” Knowing that her friend had a hand in the choreography elevated her love for ITZY even more, making her “love the dance routine.”

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On top of that, being able to see how ITZY shows off their own color and delivers when it comes to performing is what Tiffany enjoys most about the group.

If Tiffany “loves the energy they give,” then ITZY certainly are rookies that everyone should be keeping their eyes on, especially coming from one of the most iconic girl group members ever.

Listen to Tiffany reveal why she’s been loving ITZY lately.

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TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals The 3 Idol Groups She’s Looking Forward To This Year

At the end of every year, idols answer a survey regarding other idols. One of the questions on it was which artists they were looking forward to in 2020. TWICE‘s Tzuyu already had three idol groups in mind when answering.


The first idol group she wrote down was none other than their little sister group ITZY. Having debuted in 2019 with the title tracks “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY” and already touring in the U.S., they’ve made waves.

That’s not including the many rookie awards they’ve earned on all the major awards shows. Tzuyu is looking forward to what they’ll prepare next.

2. Stray Kids

Keeping the promotion of JYP Entertainment‘s artists going, Tzuyu selected Stray Kids for her second choice. With their numerous music videos, albums, and shows in the short span of two years, they’ve made a name for themselves and a solid fanbase.

With their concepts ever-changing, no wonder Tzuyu wants to see what they’ll be working on in the new year.


For the last idol group to round out the trio, Tzuyu shifted over to RBW Entertainment. From making their own rules to showcasing their powerful vocals, MAMAMOO has it all, right down to the confident dance moves to match.

There’s nothing the group can’t do. Because of that, Tzuyu can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Were these the groups you expected Tzuyu to have her eyes on?

Q: Which idol do you want to treat to a New Years meal?

Tzuyu: Itzy

Q: Which 3 artists are you looking forward to the most in 2020 (other than your own group)

Tzuyu: 1. Itzy / 2. Stray Kids / 3. Mamamoo

— misa •ᴗ• (@misayeon) February 3, 2020

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Eric Nam Opens Up About The Downside Of “We Got Married”

Eric Nam has opened up about a “sensitive topic”: his time on We Got Married, and the aftermath.

We Got Married was a popular reality show that aired from 2008 to 2017. In it, celebrities were paired up as husbands and wives in pretend marriages. In 2016, Eric Nam appeared in Season 4 with his “wife”, MAMAMOO‘s Solar.

On February 3, Eric Nam spoke candidly about his experience in a new episode of DIVE Studios‘ KPDB show. Even though he had a great time being on the show with Solar, Eric Nam has avoided talking about it.

When I look back at that show, it was a great time. We had a great time, and people are always like, ‘Why don’t you talk about MAMAMOO? Why don’t you talk about Solar and stuff?’.

— Eric Nam

Eric Nam says he received positive comments from supporters, but also “a lot of hate” from viewers, who weren’t happy about seeing him paired with Solar. Fans can be sensitive about their idols being in relationships, even fake ones.

I honestly try to avoid it because it was a very sensitive topic for a long time, in the sense that I got a lot of hate. And I’m sure it probably went both ways too, but being on We Got Married for the people who are on it, if you are an idol or if you are a singer, there is a lot of sensitivity in terms of there are people who don’t care, and they’re like, ‘It’s a great show, or we just really like you two as a pair’,  but there are also many people who really don’t like us that way.

— Eric Nam

Although Eric Nam appeared on We Got Married 2016, he still receives negative messages about it today.

Even to this day sometimes I just get random messages that aren’t the nicest messages about it.

— Eric Nam

Last November, Eric Nam and MAMAMOO appeared on a radio show. It was the first time he and Solar had been publically reunited since leaving We Got Married. Even now, they are cautious about how they interact together.

If you look back at the radio show, Solar and I were visibly very cautious and uncomfortable at points. And it was, like, funny because it’s laughable to me because I’m just like, we can be friends, but it’s a cautious thing.

— Eric Nam

“I’m talking about this four years later,” he said. “and I’m still — as I say this, I’m so nervous that this will be taken out of context.” 

Watch the video here:

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ITZY’s Hidden Talents Are Further Proof That They Were Always Meant To Be Together As ITZY

While ITZY already proved they were meant to be together as a group when everyone first got to see their voices coming together in perfect harmony, that’s not the only reason that ITZY are a match made in heaven! In fact, even they’re secret talents prove they were always meant to be together in ITZY!

In a recent five-part series with Buzzfeed K-Pop, ITZY dished on everything from their favorite dance move to their go-to karaoke song. In the third part of the series, however, they shared some of their hidden talents — hidden talents that they all share together!

Ryujin started off by revealing that every single member of ITZY have a passion for art and absolutely love to draw.

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I think all of us like to draw. I don’t know if we’re really talented but we all like to draw.

— Ryujin

Although they weren’t able to show their shared talent for drawing during this particular interview, Lia revealed there was another hidden talent that every single member shared! Lia announced that they were all extremely flexible.

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But we can’t really show that so, um, flexibility. We are all very flexible.

— Lia

The interview room may not have had enough space for each of them to show their talent, but after Lia was volunteered, she demonstrated some of ITZY’s flexible talent for everyone!

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Sharing not one but two hidden talents? There’s no doubt that ITZY was always supposed to be together! See more of ITZY’s shared hidden talents below:

Question #3: Do you have any hidden talents?@ITZYofficial#ITZY

— BuzzFeed K-Pop (@BuzzFeedDaebak) February 2, 2020

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